UPCM Puts Uttar Pradesh on Global Map; Farmers Can Now Deal With Foreign Exporters

For farmers who were struck with harsh weather conditions in Uttar Pradesh can now rejoice like this particular farmer harvesting potatoes in Kannauj. Fate took a turn for this farmer when he received an order for 250 tonnes from a company in Kuwait. After hearing this news the other farmers are extremely happy and are hoping for something similar to happen to them. Few months back, where they were selling their produce at almost half the price can now expect huge orders from across the globe. Let’s see how this has been possible!

Potato farmers in Kannauj were not able to enjoy optimal produce for many years. Some years the harvest would be in abundance and other times the stem vegetable would face difficulty in growing at all. Hence, the prices would fluctuate from one end to another, causing a problem for farmers and purchasers. The Akhilesh Yadav Government decided to find a solution for this once and for all. Apart from giving huge subsidies to the farmers, the UPCM has equipped them with better farming techniques and solutions. At the same time, the state government has also promoted Uttar Pradesh’s agricultural development across the globe to invite more exporters.

Akhilesh Yadav has also tied up with foreign countries to make the bonds of Uttar Pradesh stronger with the world and to bring it on a global map. After the successful ‘UP Investment Forum’ in Dubai, the UAE Government also opened its ports for export and import for Uttar Pradesh and hence this deal was possible. The exporters also thanked Akhilesh Yadav for this contribution as now they can do business with the state farmers without any hassle.

Social Samajwadi would like to thank the Young CM for providing the agriculture sector such opportunities.

Source : Socialsamajwadi.com