I-Sparsh Smart Village Scheme of UP

Uttar Pradesh’s majority population resides in rural UP. Considering this glaring fact, the Akhilesh Government wanted to revolutionize the UP villages and implement progressive thinking at the grassroots as well. To remedy this problem, on 30 March 2016, Uttar Pradesh chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has launched I-SPARSH Smart and self-sufficient village scheme. This initiative is backed up strongly by a staggering 300-crore funding, sanctioned by the UP Government in the budgetary proposal of 2016-17 discussed in the state cabinet meeting.


However, apart from trying to make the villages ‘Smart’, the keyword for this scheme coined by CM Akhilesh Yadav, is ‘Sparsh’. This word signifies that there are plenty of essential facilities like sanitation, health and education, which have not yet touched upon these remote locations.

What is I-SPARSH?

The aim being changing the face of rural India, the acronym I-SPARSH actually represents the following core values:

I – Inclusive (Growth), Income (Enhancement), IT (Solutions)

S – Skill (Development), Social (Cohesion/Justice), Simple (Solutions)

P – Participation, People, Panchayati Raj

A – Adaption, Agriculture (Smart and Precise), Allied Activities

R – Responsive (Governance), Resilience, Recycle

S – Safety and Security, Sanitation, Sustainable

H – Health, Hygiene, Housing


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