#DigitalCM, Akhilesh Yadav to Launch E-Challan in U.P.

The Uttar Pradesh government has gone a step ahead to make the processes simpler for the citizens. Akhilesh Yadav, the Chief Minster after digitalizing the police stations is all set to launch an application to process E-Challan. This is to bring in transparency in the system and to fasten the process of issuing the challan and its payment.

As per this initiative, more than 200 tablets will be distributed to the officers across the state. Any person breaking the traffic rules will be intercepted immediately by their registration number. The vehicle number, driving licence, and personal details of the person will be saved on the app which will be connected to the database containing details of all registered vehicles. The officials will get information about the laws broken and the corresponding challan or penalty amount.

The e-challan will be immediately printed on the mobile device with all the details. The vehicle owner can immediately pay the penalty amount by cash or use his Debit Card or even pay it later at an RTO Office. This project will help the police personnel to ensure that the traffic rules are not being broken and will also give clarity to the citizens of the state.

Source : Social Samajwadi