CM Akhilesh Yadav’s watchful digital presence helps a 4 year old girl ailing from tumour

Akhilesh Yadav, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh has turned out to be more than just a political

ruler. He recently displayed inordinate act of kindness when he arranged medical support for a four-

year-old girl Renu. The seventh daughter of a labourer living in Kusrur village in Bahadur block of

Basti district; Renu had a tumour that initially started as a small cyst and gradually grew in size

almost equal to a football. It had started becoming life-threatening to her.

Renu’s father considering lack of resources, had almost lost hope and was ready to give up on his

daughter’s life when someone suggested him to post an online plea with Renu’s photograph on a

social networking site. A Miracle is always round the corner and it did happen to the little girl as well.

Mr Yadav was ardent enough to immediately notice the post and ordered officials to synchronise

with health centres and ensure appropriate treatment for Renu. Doctors at the King George’s

Medical University (KGMU) admitted her on 23rd Dec and operated upon her at the earliest. Doctors

diagnosed the tumour as joint occipital encephalocele with lymphoma. The operation encompassed

a high risk-factor as the veins of the tumour had found their way into the occipital lobe. Even a

minor error could have blinded her forever.

Dr. S.N. Kureel led the team of the doctors who operated on Renu despite the risk and was

successful. They had successfully removed the massive tumour from her head. Renu is now

advancing to lead a normal way of life and is eager to go to the school. The whole incidence entails

the power of digital platform of networking sites and has also proved that Mr Akhilesh Yadav has

deployed his digital and social admiration to save a child’s life.