CM Akhilesh gives a second chance to little Akhilesh’s life

A financially weak family with a critically ill 13 days old child was given a new ray of hope by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. The child was born with tracheoesophageal fistula (TOF), a condition in which the food pipe and wind pipe are attached together. If the disorder is not timely operated upon, the patient has no chance for survival.

The child was born with the disorder in Lucknow’s Dr Beg Childcare hospital and his parents were unable to bear the cost of the surgical procedure. To this, they had to seek help from 1098 Child line. Their whole attempt was aided by the digital media and the new-born’s story saved a space for itself in the publications. When the news caught CM’s attention, he was prompt enough to help and he immediately released fund worth rupees 1.40 Lakhs from Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Parent’s joy knew no bounds after their child was given a second chance at life by the humble CM. Such was their happiness that they named their child ‘Akhilesh’. The child is now fine and under post-operative care.

Dr Mirza Waqar Beg who operated upon the baby said that somewhat around 10-12 years back, babies born with this medical condition hardly survived but surgical advances now help save lives. He also cited that many a times parents financially fail to fund the treatment and hence lives are lost.