“Vahan” , “Sarathi” and Mobile Ticketing App initiative



The project “Vahan” was aimed at automation of all major activities concerned with the Transport Department. All crucial processes such as vehicle registration permit issuance, enforcement and taxation activities etc. have been running successfully at 72 Regional Transport Offices (RTO)/Assistant RTOs in all the districts of the State.

The project entailed Smart card based printing of Registration certificates of Commercial Vehicles to benefit the applicants. The project ‘Sarathi’ in the state was launched by the Government for issuance of electronic chip based Driving Licences to the people. It not only simplified the process of getting a driving license but also helped in eliminating middlemen from the process. These DLs are tamper proof plastic cards rooted with a microprocessor chip that stores the digital photograph, biometric thumb impression, digital signature etc. The information is updated in the national register and state register through a backend process required by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.