You Will Fall in Love With Lucknow Metro After Reading This!

As the country looks to create world-class infrastructure, Mass Rapid Transit System is being developed across Indian metros to provide a fast, easy and comfortable commute through high-speed trains. Moving on the same path, UP Government under the leadership of Akhilesh Yadav is ready to launch the world-class mass rapid transport system in Lucknow.

Before we start travelling from Lucknow Metro, let us know some interesting facts of our metro –

1.The front of the metro has been conceived in the spirit of some of the city’s most important monuments’ such as Bara-Imambara, the Asifi Masjid and the Roomi Gate and gives a tribute to the city’s cultural richness.


2. Its exterior livery in golden colour is inspired by the traditional Chikankari craftsmanship treated in a modern and structured manner.


3. The blending of black colour in front of train is inspired from modern feel of Hazratganj.


4. A red ribbon profile taking off from train front and moving to side to side top of complete train gives speed and dynamic feeling to the train.


5. The Lucknow Metro will offer 186 seats in longitudinal configuration and a capacity to carry around 1,100 passengers at a time

6. The trains will have display screens will be placed at convenient locations throughout the metro, displaying up-to-date travel information.


7.Passenger safety features will include emergency communication, including talkback facility to the train operator directly and CCTV transmitting images to a centralised security control room.

8.The passenger comfort features include low noise inside trains, wide passenger doors , large windows and inter-car gangways for easy passenger movement.

9.The facilities for differently abled passengers inside trains are dedicated wheel chair spaces, braille stickers for visually challenged persons and talk back buttons for easy & comfortable getting down from trains

10.Lucknow Metro is estimated to carry about 430,000 passengers per day rising to over 1 Million by 2030

11.The Metro train will circulate on the city’s new metro line, which will be around 23 km long and will include 22 stations, of which 19 will be elevated and 3 underground.

12.The Lucknow Metro is designed to be energy efficient, reliable and provide better comfort to passengers in terms of riding quality, lower–noise level and environment friendly.

13.The drivers will also be able to monitor CCTV images of activity inside the trains

LucknowMetro _ DigitalCM

14.The body of the train is made of stainless steel

15.Each train will feature LED lighting and regenerative braking in order to conserve energy.

16.The train will be monitored & selectively controlled by a microprocessor based Train Control & Management System (TCMS)

17. The driver’s cab has been developed in collaboration with ergonomic experts, which will contribute to the driver’s efficiency and serenity


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