Survey Shows How UPCM’s Laptop Distribution Scheme Is Truly Revolutionary

It is no exaggeration to use the word “revolution” when talking about how the lives have changed over the past few years in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Today we rely on information and communication technologies and devices that hadn’t even been imagined in the state before Akhilesh Yadav’s Government. The way students are now part of hyper-connected societies and growing knowledge-based economies is possible because of Free Laptop Distribution Scheme running in Uttar Pradesh, courtesy UPCM.

Class 12th pass students enjoying after got the laptops distribute by Uttar Pradesh Government today. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav start free Laptop distribution scheme for State. on Monday. Express Photo by Vishal Srivastav. 11.03.13.


A study recently conducted by Giri Institute of Development Studies gives thumps up to the laptop scheme. The research team lead by Dr. C.S. Verma, a senior fellow in the institute mapped students in 13 districts to collect a sample of 3200 student beneficiaries of the state and assessed their performance. The districts include Jhansi, Kanpur city, Sambhal,Amroha, Balrampur, Barabanki, Gonda, Rampur, Agra and Kannauj apart others. The research brought forward many encouraging facts and trends attributed to laptop distribution. These are:


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  1. 86 percent of students in the study admitted that the scheme has improved their academic performance.
  2. 21 percent of students with the help of laptop partially succeeded in increasing their income.
  3. 53 percent felt that their awareness of social issues has improved.
  4. 94 percent of female students say that they feel more confident and their opinions are given more weightage in the family after they started using these
  5. 93 percent of the parents say that they are very happy how their children are progressing by using the laptop.
  6. 82 percent of teachers say that students are more proactive towards learning, thanks to these laptops.


Laptop Scheme was introduced by Akhilesh Yadav in ‘2012 Election Manifesto’. Delivering his promises, Digital CM distributed around 15 lakhs laptops to the students in the state who passed the high school and intermediate examinations and hence, encouraged them to go in for higher studies.




His vision was to provide students with technology that gives them access to information and resources 24/7 and be a part of social networks where people from all over the world share ideas, collaborate, and learn new things. Akhilesh Yadav wanted to give the state’s youth the freedom to pursue their passions in their own way and at their own pace as opportunities for today’s students are limitless, borderless, and instantaneous.

Laptop Scheme faced lot of criticism by opposition parties but now this survey shuts their mouth and proves that laptops are not populist ploy but are tools for innovation and are bridging the digital divide in the state.




In a recent interview with Hindustan Times Akhilesh Yadav said “Laptop Distribution Scheme helped in removing the fear of technology from student’s minds. It boosted their confidence as well. Now, you can go to any obscure village in the state where the laptop has reached, you will find that the students are using it with great interest and confidence. It has changed their lives. Our effort has proved successful in empowering economically weak students and carving a better future for them.”

We hope that our #DigitalCM keeps on empowering more students to improve the digital baseline of the state and prepares the young workforce from rural background to take on the competitive world.