After Lucknow, #DigitalCM Akhilesh Yadav brings Metro to Kanpur

A day in the life of an UP-ite is nothing less than a marathon with hurdles, forcing them to make choices to reach to their destination. They are constantly found figuring out the best route, shortest distance, cheapest mode of transport, etc. With 200 million people living in the state, even the widest of roads and fast developing infrastructure seems insufficient, thus UP Government under young and dynamic leadership of Akhilesh Yadav are doing their best to bridge this gap. The UPCM can be seen delivering on his promises, to bring development to Uttar Pradesh; shunning caste and religion politics. While the trial run of the Lucknow Metro will start by December 2016, the government has started the process of setting of similar urban transport rail infrastructure in other major towns, including Kanpur, Varanasi, Agra, and Meerut.

Inauguration of another metro in Kanpur at this time by #DigitalCM marks a transition, with which Uttar Pradesh Government joins league of many cities around the world to care for its citizens better.

In a nutshell when we break down the features and facilities Kanpur Metro has to offer, they are synopsis of the thoughtfulness put towards different set of people who are going to use the system.


  1. Route Length

Kanpur metro

  1. Number of Stations

Kanpur Metro

  1. Station Planning & Intermodal Integration

Eight typical designs have been suggested for various station types and it forms the basis for planning of 31 stations.

Kanpur Metro_ Digital CM


  1. Citizen Friendly Features & Security Measures

Kanpur Metro

  1. Fare Collection

Kanpur Metro

  1. Total Estimated Cost

Kanpur Metro

Asking people to share their views on #KanpurMetro , saw a varied response. Let us go through some of them:

Sarita Verma, assistant professor at Harcourt Butler Technological Institute says “Metro’s ecosystem is friendlier to people with lifts, escalators, tactile flooring, wheelchair friendly trains and platforms. It makes every day travelling easy.”

Puneet Singh, engineering student had lot of things to say which includes cheap fare, easy travelling, time-saving and most important no more bargaining with auto-walas for fares.

Janvi Mehta, house-wife said that “Metros provide security and have special Ladies cell, so we are free from eve-teasing too.”

“Kanpur Metro will also make city people punctual. A Metro commuter does not worry about uncertain traffic conditions in the city. He can plan his journey and reach for a meeting on time,” says Sonu Yadav, working in a private firm adds

Government employee, Satrohan Sonker appreciates the efforts of UP government and Akhilesh Yadav for #KanpurMetro . He says, “this new and modern transportation is setting benchmarks for the city and the UP government should keep expanding its infrastructure to support the growing number of people, the journey from here on should have new rules to follow and better things to expect.”

Listening to people’s opinions, we can say that #MetrosInUP will definitely change the perception of public transportation in the state and will set higher standards of public transport for one and all.

We hope you are excited for your Metro ride, just like we are!!