Lesser Known Facts About the All New #Digital Uttar Pradesh Assembly

There is an increasing demand and a new opportunity for institutions to make their curriculum resources more accessible and to promote this to a wider and increasingly diverse audience. The digital solution is an integrated solution to scan, annotate, and index books of proceedings — stored in a secure and tamperproof digital vault and available on the portal accessible from any device. Digitization is seen as the most important way to achieve this and is something that all institutions must consider as part of their strategic plan. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister is known as #DigitalCM and to take it a notch higher, he announced the implementation of first-ever digital platform at the Vidhan Sabha Bhavan in Lucknow to digitise the proceedings of the state legislature.


#Digital Uttar Pradesh Assembly

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav inaugurated the innovative solution named “Multilingual Intelligent Search and Analytics Solution” on 22nd August 2016. Let us see the major highlights of the #DigitalUPAssembly


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  1. Semantic Bits, a Hyderabad-based company, partnered with Persistent for this initiative.
  2. The Legislature of the State of Uttar Pradesh is the first State Legislature to undertake this stupendous task
  3. Besides the sound system, new system of electronic voting has been installed on each desk of the members of the assembly.
  4. The new voting system has eliminated the need for lobby division during the voting on important bills and resolution in the assembly.
  5. This allows Research Officers to handle more requests with improved efficiency and more qualitative discussions happening in the legislative assembly.
  6. It extends access and reach within the government departments of the state legislatures, and also to the general public.
  7. The solution allows searches in English, Hindi, and other official Indian languages, through a specialized search capability custom built for Indian languages.
  8. It replaces the traditional and cumbersome practice of manual or physical searches and retrievals.


On the occasion of complete digitisation process of the proceedings of the Vidhan Sabha, the Chief Minister further stated that this was a commendable initiative which will provide people with a unique opportunity to see the working of their public representatives in real. Referring to digitisation work undertaken by the state government, like in records of the High Court, CM said such work not only curtails the working time but also brings in transparency and ensures no room for graft.

#Digital Uttar Pradesh Assembly

Dr. Anand Deshpande, Persistent Systems founder and CEO Said – “Like every business is becoming software-driven, the opportunity is in front of every state to become software-driven in its functioning. It is a privilege and an honour for all of us at Persistent Systems to be able to impact and improve lives with such a solution. There is an urgent need in India today to make Governments more accessible, transparent, and efficient – both within its own departments and to the general public.”

We congratulate the UP Government for going digital.