High Speed, Total Safety and Smart Traveling System, Lucknow Metro Has it All

Lucknow city’s population is around 3 million and it is the fastest growing city among three million plus cities of India. Besides being the capital of Uttar Pradesh, the ‘City of Nawab’ is a striking destination for businessmen, job seekers and tourists. All these factors led to the city having an advanced Metro rail system. And who else but UP’s Digital CM Akhilesh Yadav envisaged this futuristic travelling system for Lucknow. The foundation stone of the Lucknow Metro was laid on 27th September 2014. After two years of fast-track construction, the Phase-I of Lucknow Metro is ready and will be soon open for public.

This is a significant step by UPCM in making Lucknow a travel-friendly city by providing the inhabitants and visitors a world-class Mass Rapid Transit System. What’s more exciting is that metro projects are coming up in many more cities across Uttar Pradesh.



Before you see Lucknow Metro zipping around the city, here are some ‘Smart Features’ of Lucknow Metro that will leave you surprised.  


  1. Common Mobility Card



  • Named ‘Go Smart’ – this smart card will serve the purpose of token free travel in LMRC for Metro commuters.
  • It will be a contactless card which will have to be shown at the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates by the passengers while entering or exiting from the Metro premises.
  • Lucknow Metro’s ‘Go Smart’ card will also serve as ‘Common Mobility Card’ (CMC) as it can be integrated with 28 different agencies for passenger’s mobility needs within the city.
  • With CMC, one can recharge and swipe it to travel in any of the public transport vehicles in the city.
  • This card can also be used in other Metro systems being planned in cities such as Kanpur and Varanasi.


     2. Intelligent Transport Management System (ITMS)  


  • ITMS helps to track movement of each and every metro by control room since each of them will be equipped with Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) and be GPRS-enabled.
  • Metros to be made safer with Passenger Information System which will be integrated with ITMS.
  • It will be possible for the control room to see who all boarded the metro at the designated stoppages through camera and at what point did they deboarded from the metro.


  1. Automatic Fare Collection


Metro Rail Systems handle large number of passengers. Ticket issue and fare collection play a vital role in the efficient and proper operation of the system. To achieve this objective, ticketing system will be simple, easy to use/operate and maintain, easy on accounting facilities, capable of issuing single/multiple journey tickets, amenable for quick fare changes and require overall lesser manpower. In view of above, computer based automatic fare collection system is developed. This is same as that of Contactless Smart Card type for multiple journey and Contactless Token for Single Journey. The equipment for the same will be provided at each station Counter/Booking office and at convenient locations. This will be connected to a local area network with a computer in the Station Master’s room.


Automatic ticket vending machines – reducing waiting time in queues and counters.


Automatic fare collection systems have the following advantages:

  1. Less number of staff required.
  2. Less possibility of leakage of revenue due to automatic ticket check by control gates.
  3. Recycling of ticket fraudulently by staff avoided.
  4. Efficient and easy to operate, faster evacuation both in normal and emergency.
  5. System is amenable for quick fare changes
  6. Management information reports generation easy.
  7. System has multi-operator capabilities. Same Smart Card can be used for other applications also, including in other lines of the Metro.
  8. AFC systems are the worldwide accepted systems for LRT/Metro environment.


Lucknow metro looks very promising and easy to use and will get you pretty much anywhere you need to go in town! So get ready to travel on Lucknow’s ‘Smart’ electric wheels very soon!

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