Good News : UP-100 has covered the entire state

‘UP 100’, the round the-clock state-wide integrated police emergency response system, is operational in all 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh . The facility so far was available in 53 districts and is now made operational in the remaining 22 districts .

‘UP100’ service was first made functional in 11 districts at its launch on November 19th by the Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. Uttar Pradesh Police is aiming to link the entire state in another 10-12 days. The expansion of the service is carried out in five phases.




  1. First Phase – 20 districts were launched on 15th December 2016
  2. Second Phase – 12 districts were launched on 22nd December 2016
  3. Third Phase – 10 districts were launched on 26th December 2016
  4. Forth Phase – 12 districts were launched on 30th December 2016
  5. Fifth Phase – 10 districts were launched on 7th January 2017


Callers can request for police assistance by dialling 100 and the facility enables police to reach the trouble site within 20 minutes of the phone call. The centre also responds to e-mails and complaints on social media too.


UP100 has presence on all major social media platforms




UP-100 is the world’s largest integrated response system and is a game changer for the law and order situation in the state. The service is already making police empathetic, transparent, and impartial by reaching the distressed caller in record time. The best thing about UP100 service is that it covers both Urban and Rural areas of Uttar Pradesh.

The project was earlier called ‘Dial 100’ as only police emergency services were to be centralised but it was renamed as ‘UP100’ after other emergency services like fire (101) and medical services (108) were also added to the project. In future, some more crisis management services including medical, civil defence, etc. will be added in association with other development authorities.

We thank Digital CM Akhilesh Yadav for empowering Uttar Pradesh Police with such Hi-Tech solutions!