Top 5 things Narendra Modi’s Digital India can learn from Digital Uttar Pradesh

India’s economic progress is very closely attributed to Uttar Pradesh’s growth which contributes to 8.1% of India’s GDP. With proper infrastructure, policies and booming business environment, Uttar Pradesh has a major role when it comes to contributing to India’s growth – economically and digitally.

Narendra Modi’s Digital India initiatives have been in the news for some time now. These are directed towards shaping up India in a progressive, rapid manner. The fasted way to connect with people is through the digital medium and Digital India is working in that direction. But what’s lesser known are the digital initiatives taken up and implemented successfully in India’s most populous state Uttar Pradesh, which is moving rapidly towards being Digital Uttar Pradesh.

Let’s have a look at how the Akhilesh Yadav Government in Uttar Pradesh is working towards digitizing Uttar Pradesh and largely contributing towards shaping Digital India.

What is Narendra Modi’s Digital India?


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The Digital India initiative seeks to lay emphasis on e-governance and transform India into a digitally empowered society. In order to make the government more participative, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is aiming at providing electronic services to every corner of the country. Digital India initiative also focuses on ease of doing business in the country, providing mobile healthcare services and ensuring that the government services are available to citizens electronically.


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Vision of Digital India


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Through Digital India initiative, Narendra Modi government aims at

1. Infrastructure – Providing high speed internet services in which bank accounts are given a priority. Providing a safe and secure cyber environment in the country is also on the top list of Central government.

2. Transparent Governance and Services – Transparency in government services and enabling electronic transactions for almost every platform.

3. Digital empowerment of citizens – An important factor in the Digital India initiative is to provide digital literacy for active participation of all users.

What is Digital UP?

Digitization in Uttar Pradesh (Digital UP) means creating a platform which enables transparency in government actions and services, providing digital literacy and connecting citizens of the state socially and digitally. The progressive development agenda rightly depicts the electronic services of the state which have been introduced in Uttar Pradesh under the regime of Akhilesh Yadav only. The youngest CM has provided a number of e-services to the citizens of the state and is introducing new initiatives to make the state a digitally powered one.

UP Government Making Digital UP Happen 

Digital UP will lead to a Digital India. Only if Uttar Pradesh grows digitally will the larger dream of having a digital India get accomplished. Here are top 5 things Narendra Modi’s Digital India can learn from Digital Uttar Pradesh:


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1. Jansunwai Portal – An online grievance redressal system for prompt, effective and transparent redressal of people’s grievances.


2. M-Sehat – A real time mobile app for health workers to record infant and maternal data that helps in tracking, registration, counselling and reporting of the beneficiaries.


3. Sewayojan Employment Portal – A job portal based in the state of Uttar Pradesh that enables registration of unemployed youth of the state and notifies their recruitment opportunities.


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4. Shakti 1090 Mobile Application – Shakti 1090 is a smart personal security app for women in Uttar Pradesh. The app is directly linked to the Police Control Room of the state.


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5. E-districts – Government of Uttar Pradesh has started online project of e-districts under the scheme of State Mission Mode. The aim is to make a computerized platform for all citizen centric services in the 75 districts of the state.


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Apart from these, there are many other e-services like Samajwadi Akhilesh Mobile Application, UP Police Lost Report Application, My Missing Baby and Web Portal – UP News 360 that are being run by the UP CM. E-Governance is an important pillar to make the people of the state grow and connect internally and globally. Digital India can have some major learnings from Digital UP which is setting quite an example for the other states of India. Narendra Modi’s Digital India can only be a reality if more and more states take the onus for initiating more and more digital services and provisions.