Digital CM’s New App to Encourage Scientific Curiosity Among All Age Groups

Akhilesh Yadav with the Council of Science & Technology (CST), Uttar Pradesh has launched the ‘Hello Young Scientist Quiz App’ in order to sensitize the young minds towards modern Science & Technology as a tool of society’s development.





The app is available across all platforms, which include Android, Windows, and iOS. This mobile application will have questions related to science and will have four options and will be an overall multiple choice question bank. The students in class XI and XII can participate in this online quiz application at different levels and can enhance their knowledge. The application provides time-based rewards to students playing the quiz. Unlike other quizzing mobile applications available online, ‘Hello Young Scientist’ is the official app of the CST.

Mr. S.M. Prasad, joint director, CST, department of science and technology, said it is slightly different and perhaps the most authentic application. “It has the most authentic information and quizzes that will help the young minds learn about current affairs, making them aware of the latest technologies and happenings in the field of science and technology.”




The app is available free on the various platforms, from where the smart phone users can download it. On downloading the application, it would ask the user to make an account with details of their school, class, etc.

Once logged in, the user can start the quiz. Besides, the app will also be updated constantly to keep up with the latest happenings in the field of science and technology across the globe. Akhilesh Yadav launched this app with a vision that, “It will motivate the students to opt for the science stream and this would eventually help in bringing prosperity to the nation.”

With the new app, Digital CM wants to pique the interest of young minds and make them curious like a scientist!


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