Digital CM Akhilesh Yadav Launches UP 100 – World’s Biggest Modern Police Emergency Response System

The ‘UP100’ service popularly known as ‘Dial100’ is launched today in Lucknow by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav.


UP100 is a centralized system on the lines of an emergency response agency like ‘911’ in the United States to enable the police to reach the complainant within 15-20 minutes. Under the ‘UP100’ project, the Uttar Pradesh police will operate a unified command and control centre for the entire state. The integrated centre would also co-ordinate other emergency services like medical, fire, and other disaster-related response services. Citizens seeking police assistance during emergencies can lodge a complaint from a mobile phone or a landline from any part of the state by dialling the toll-free emergency number ‘100’ which will be manned by the police department.



In emergency, people are generally made to contact local police station or police officers to get service. But contacting appropriate police station or right police officer is always a challenge in the present system. Hence, Akhilesh Government has set up a state level UP100 based police control room-cum-command and coordination centre In Lucknow. This isto empower people, connect the locals to police, and to get police assistance anytime, anywhere at very short response time. 4800 strong GPS enabled fleet of four wheelers and two wheelers laced with modern technology is available across Uttar Pradesh to ensure proper delivery of services.


UP100 service makes police reach the person calling for help immediately and gives us more than 100 reasons for which citizens can call up the police. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Personalized & effective interaction that gives a worthwhile experience to callers
  2. Rapid implementation enabling operation of multi-channel Contact Centres
  3. Increases optimizing efficiency for people
  4. Enhance user experience across every channel and touch point
  5. Inbound calls are routed in efficient and intelligent manner
  6. Single telephone number to call in times of distress from anywhere in the state
  7. Minimizes the police response time
  8. Makes police personnel accountable with regard to time they took in reaching the scene of offence.

So, next time if you are in distress and need any kind of assistance from the Uttar Pradesh police, remember that help is literally a call away.


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