Cycle brings digital development in Uttar Pradesh


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What is most important thing for digital growth in Uttar Pradesh ? Different persons may have different views , but for us the most important aspect is generating awareness in people about the strength of IT and Internet . The young CM of Uttar Pradesh understands this and has taken many path-breaking initiatives to empower the citizens with digitization. His efforts are visible and hence

Digital Uttar Pradesh is rising, because here –

  • Knowledge is strength and empowers the people
  • Access to information knows no barrier
  • Government is open and governance transparent
  • Government proactively engages with the people throughSocial Media
  • Government Services are easily and efficiently available to citizens on Mobile devices
  • Farmers are empowered with Real-time Information to be connected with Global Markets

Akhilesh Yadav has the potential to propel digital connectivity to new heights. He aims to tap and channelize the vast potential of India’s fondness for technology, coupled with soaring aspirations of a young India. Comparing Akhilesh Government with Past Government, we can firmly say that Uttar Pradesh has taken a digital leap from past and is further strengthening.

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  1. Free Laptop Distribution was designed to bridge the divide between the digital haves and digital havenots, between the poor and the affluent, rural and urban, literate and illiterate, employed and unemployed, and between the empowered and the disempowered. His vision is centred on three key areas: creation of digital infrastructure, delivery of governance and services on demand, and digital empowerment of citizens.
  2. Free WIFI Zones is another step towards education and digital literacy. It also helped in tourism and town promotion. These zones have helped people to access free internet and explore their ideas and get answers to their questions. It has empowered citizens with power of knowledge.
  3. IT City surely contributes a lot towards the entire IT industry both at the national as well as the global front. Akhilesh Yadav’s dream is to see Uttar Pradesh as one of the largest IT hubs in the country. His continued efforts will very soon bringunprecedented growth and development within the state.
  4. Modernization of Police Force is another great achievement of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav in digitizing the state and keeping check on crime. Installation of CCTV cameras across the state is helping to keep check any illegal mining or activities going on in many districts. Uttar Pradesh will soon be having e-police stations which will increase the professional efficiency of the UP Government Police administration. Uttar Pradesh Police has also digitally and socially active on Facebook and Twitter to take complaints and improve law and order with the help of citizens. They have launched several Whats app numbers and Mobile Applications to make the process more quick and user friendly.
  5. E-Governance Infrastructure aims to provide smart governance to all its citizens and has also developed transparency in the Government. These include State Wide Area Network (SWAN), State Data Centre (SDC),Common Service Centres (CSCs), State Portal as well as other projects such as e-District, e-Setu, e-Village etc.

This is all about Digital UP, to see the overall development in Uttar Pradesh, watch this video