Breaking Stereotypes! Women Pilots to Drive Lucknow’s First Metro

Women empowerment has always been a burning topic in our country since time immemorial. In the present days, it has gained even much more importance and every citizen must promote the concept of gender equality and empowerment. This is what has been witnessed in Uttar Pradesh for the past few years after the Akhilesh Yadav Government took several measures to ensure upliftment of women and their development.


UP stands for a true example of women empowerment. At the launch function of Lucknow Metro at Transport Nagar depot, women operators are taking charge and driving the Metro train. Yes, this is true and the entire state as well as the state capital is filled with honour and pride to see two women piloting the train on the priority section. The women train operators’ skills, confidence and excitement got them to drive the metro and take lead in the trials.

Pratibha and Prachi Sharma, both from Allahabad are the two women taking the lead. Pratibha has done B Tech in electronics and communication engineering from SRMSCET, Bareilly while Prachi has done her diploma in electrical engineering from IERT, Allahabad. Both joined LMRC as station controller-cum-train operators on June 9, 2016.

It is a conscious decision by the Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) to give the opportunity to women so that they get a chance to prove their mettle before public in handling high-tech Metro trains.
The decision is a welcome break from the mainstream, as train operators’ job is generally considered a male preserve. LMRC recruited a total of 21 women station controller-cum-train operators as a part of UP government’s 20% horizontal reservation policy for women in government jobs.

This is a proud moment for Uttar Pradesh. We can’t wait to see these two leading ladies at the trail run event of Lucknow Metro.

Digital CM wishes Pratibha and Prachi all the very best. Go for it Girls!


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